Leadership of Community Organizations

  • Town Recovery Manager reporting to Slave Lake, Alberta Town CAO, leading the launch of the long-term recovery process after May 2011 wildfires destroyed a third of the community. Role included team coaching, tactical plan development and public presentations. Contribution was recognized with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and Town Medal of Honour.
  • Served as Chairman of the airport committee in Marathon, Ontario which was successful in obtaining funding for the construction of the local airport, YSP.
  • Served as Chairman, 2002-2005 of the Mackenzie & Area Community Radio Society which was successful in obtaining approvals, constructing and launching CHMM- FM, a not-for-profit community station, in the wake of the withdrawal of the commercial station.
  • Minor Hockey career spanning five different decades, including coaching at every age level from Initiation to Midget (962) supplemented with experience as divisional manager, vice president, president, provincial zone director, association technical director and district mentorship coordinator.
  • Graduate of levels 1, 2 and 3 of the first generation NCCP in 1973-75, moved on, as association president in 1977, to verbalize a vision of what minor hockey really could be.
  • Appointed District Mentorship Coordinator by BC Hockey in 2005; developed the curriculum for a 4-hour introductory mentorship course.
  • Assistant Coach of the Mackenzie Midget Knights 06-07, provincial bronze medal and Team Fair Play awards; received President’s Award as Coach of the Year.
  • Attended a leadership workshop conducted by the NHL Coaches Association geared to transfer of leadership knowledge to business and community efforts.

Effectiveness in Informal Discussions and Formal Presentations

  • Partnered with Town Deputy Fire Chief to rebuild local chemical emergency response structure and led the effort at Fort Frances Community Safety Night in 1987.
  • Three papers of a technical nature, based on industry surveys have been published in Pulp and Paper Canada on chlorine dioxide generation [419] and bleaching equipment, brown stock knotting and screening and recovery boilers and auxiliary equipment.
  • Wrote Skeena Pulp backgrounder for the Repap 10th anniversary in 1996.
  • Welcomed participants to the 2001 Northern BC Winter Games on behalf of Norske Skog Mackenzie
  • Led the initial response effort of the industry to the pine beetle epidemic and complied the first-wave state-of the infestation report [425].
  • Reported to the community of Mackenzie on the general nature of chlorine dioxide during the winter shutdown of 2008-09.
  • Volunteered general interest writings to the local newspaper in early 2009 on the Silver Dart and Avro Arrow and BC’s first Stanley Cup winning team [426].

Deep Understanding of the Fundamental of Leadership and Working with Workplace and Community Culture

  • Led the management side of the “Relationships by Objectives” process at Mackenzie in 1999-2000, facilitated by Pathe-Gardner Associates.
  • Twice recognized by Chambers of Commerce [531] for efforts to integrate his pulp mill into community life in Prince Rupert in 1994 and Mackenzie in 2004.
  • Through the CSChE presented papers on PSM fundamentals to PaPTAC PacWest in 2003, on leadership in 2004 and on working with cultural inertia [711] in 2005.
  • Compiled a working summary of Emotional Intelligence and its sequel for use as a staff development and performance assessment tool.

Tactical and Strategic Planning

  • Added the concept of vertical working relationships and characterizing levels of performance [633] in managerial commitments to the boss and leadership commitments to the subordinates and further extended the concept by adding characterizing levels of performance in lateral relationships with peers [634].
  • Developed performance standards, required and excellent, for a major capital project management [625] assignment.
  • Rewrote the Business Plan for Mackenzie Pulp Operations after the September 2008 acquisition.

Spokesman for his Profession

  • Served as Director of Industrial Liaison for the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering, 2006-08
  • Wrote papers for publication in Canadian Chemical News (ACCN) on Leadership in process safety management (PSM) [741] and on applying PSM in the chemical pulp industry [742].
  • Prepared a paper for the 57th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference calling on his peers to be a more vocal and credible voice on matters of public concern.

Industry Spokesman and Leadership

  • Guest speaker four times at the BCIT Summer Pulp and Paper Institute delivering the keynote address in 1994 and 2004, closing remarks in 2003 and 2007.
  • President of the BC Forest Industry Health Research Program [845] 2006-2009.
  • Delivered the orientation remarks on behalf of the Mackenzie mill at the Norske Skog Core 2000 [551] global executive team building session in Oslo, Norway.
  • Leadership style featured in Pulp and Paper Canada.
  • Has written two general feature articles for Pulp and Paper Canada, one on the history of the industry, from an equipment evolution standpoint, and one on the future of the industry, a prescription of how to redirect.

Integrating Safety Management and Risk Optimization into Operations Management

  • Stretched the envelope and advanced with DNV’s Risk Optimization discipline into mill’s efforts in safety, operational execution, customer service, environmental impact and cost control.
  • Applied the spectrum of risk optimization fundamentals to securing the Mackenzie pulp mill during the winter of 2008-09.

Kraft Pulp Manufacturing

  • Drew on outside experience in team sports to bring a fresh perspective to managing the kraft pulping process for the 1987 CPPA Kraft Pulp Operations course
  • Conducted a survey on recovery boiler operations on behalf of the CPPA Alkaline Pulping Committee and then prepared a 30 years later update on kraft recovery boiler technology; prepared a process description overview of Bauer digester technology for kraft sawdust processing; and published a two-part overview of the first seven decades of kamyr digester evolution: a published paper
  • high-level overview of the first seven decades of Kamyr digester technology and the presentation slide show supporting it.
  • Applied experience in integrated kraft mill operations to explain the pine beetle impact on mill capacity.
  • Overviews of batch digester [141] and bleach plant operations [146], drawing on a 39-year career of experience, are nearing completion.
  • Developed a publication-grade paper on dynamic operational gap analysis which converges basic elements of management and leadership to develop a rigorous analysis of actual mill operations achievement, production and losses. It provides more focus, a more quantified analytical understanding of losses and, as a result, justification for specific improvement projects. [114]
  • Continues to monitor modernizations and capacity expansions, compliling summaries of published documentation on mills such as Veracel Celulose in Brazil [150] and Mercer Stendal in Germany [160}.

Customer Focus

  • Company spokesman for Irving pulp mill after receiving export achievement award from the New Brunswick provincial government.
  • Wrote handout papers for the NAIT pulp and paper technology sessions offered by Northwest Community College in 1993-94 on groundwood specialty paper manufacturing [370], paper machine headboxes and forming sections and paper machine drying sections.
  • Prepared a presentation on pulp properties focused on the requirements of the LWC reinforcement application.